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What is the survey for?

The survey connects with the My Cardinal Green platform to personalize a list of actions that are applicable to your life on campus. The detailed survey removes actions that might not make sense for you (e.g., if you don't work in a lab, you don't need to focus your attention on lab efficiency), customizing experience for you as you work to increase your sustainability efforts.


How often can I take the survey?

You will be prompted to take the survey upon your first time signing in to the program. Once you complete the survey, your answers will be stored for the academic year and used to suggest actions for you to complete. You will automatically be prompted to take the survey again each year, starting on January  1.

What do you do with my survey results?

Individual survey responses will not be published or shared and are used solely to help identify the most applicable sustainability actions for you. Sustainable Stanford may use the aggregate data to inform campus leadership about current trends in sustainable behaviors, for research, or to guide campus programming, but will never disclose personal information or associate an individual with specific actions and behaviors.


How are my recommended actions generated? 

Actions are suggested based on your responses to the Cardinal Green survey that you complete when you sign into the platform for the first time. If an action in your “My Actions to Perform” list does not apply to your lifestyle or role on campus, select "Try Another" to receive a different option. If you continue to receive action recommendations that do not seem relevant to you, contact My Cardinal Green administrators at cardinalgreenactions@stanford.edu.


If I don't like my actions, how can I receive an alternative action to perform?

If you aren't ready to start working on that suggestion, simply click the green ‘try another’ button to receive an alternative, and a new action will appear. If you reach the end of new action options, reset your list and challenge yourself to try some of the ones that you have already skipped. 


How are actions verified?

To verify that you have performed one of your My Cardinal Green actions, simply click the red ‘verify’ button next to the action item on your My Cardinal Green homepage.  A My Cardinal Green administrator will receive notification of your submission and review for accuracy and completion. Some actions require documentation (e.g., copies of e-mail correspondence, receipts, or photos), or in some cases even an in-person verification. Please keep this in mind when completing your My Cardinal Green actions for points.  During this review period, points for your action will remain in a pending status. You will receive an email approving or rejecting the completion status of your action within one week. In some cases, you may receive a follow-up e-mail to clarify your submission or discuss next steps. If your action completion is approved, your points will then be added to your profile as you work towards your incentive. If your action completion is rejected, you will receive a notice as to why your action cannot be verified and instructions on how to proceed for approval. 


Why was my completed action rejected?

There are various reasons why your Cardinal Green action may be rejected after you submit it for verification, such as improper or irrelevant documentation, or the need to take additional steps to fully qualify as complete. In all cases, if an action you submit for verification is rejected, the email notification you receive will contain specific reasons why, and directions on the steps you can take to receive approval in the future. Once you have a chance to revisit, you can always resubmit the action for approval.


Can I get credit for something not on my list of actions? 

The list of suggest actions is extensive, but not exhaustive. If you are working on something related to sustainability on campus and want to get points for it in My Cardinal Green, contact CardinalGreenActions@stanford.edu and let us know what you're doing. We will determine if it is applicable and award you points for it if so! 


How did you determine the resource savings associated with each action?

You can review how the resource savings were calculated for each category here.



How do you determine the points for each action? 

Actions range in value from two to 45 points; to determine the points associated with each action, administrators established a scoring rubric that evaluates the action across a series of categories. You can learn more about the rubric and the criteria used here


How many points do I need to earn an incentive? 

You need to earn a total of 100 points to earn your incentive. 


What is the difference between a pending point and an earned point?

Points are considered pending when a My Cardinal Green action has been submitted for verification, but is still awaiting approval from a My Cardinal Green administrator. Pending points cannot be used toward incentives. Once an action has been verified, pending points will be reclassified as earned points, which can be used toward incentives. 



How do I receive a My Cardinal Green incentive?

A My Cardinal Green administrator will receive notification of your incentive request and review it to ensure you have earned the necessary points to qualify. Within five business days you will receive an email confirming or denying the request. If the request is confirmed, you will receive your incentive within the next month directly through the university's payroll system, via e-mail, or at the Office of Sustainability, located at 327 Bonair Siding.  


Is the My Cardinal Green incentive taxed?

The university is required to tax all monetary rewards over $50, which includes the cash incentives associated with My Cardinal Green. Physical gift items or experiences are valued at $50 to avoid the taxes associated with the incentive. For more details on tax policies please view Stanford's Administrative Guidelines.